NFTs are here. The Future is Now.

Last night, I uploaded a favorite gradient piece of mine, First Light Gradient 001 to
and successfully minted my first NFT. Non-Fungible Token.
You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz around NFTs this month. The
non-fungible token is the collective and inevitable result of Satoshi
Nakamoto’s Bitcoin experiment that proved blockchain technology to be
possible and useful in the physical world. The same technology that has
fused physical money with digital 1s and 0s, will now bind digital and
physical artwork to the blockchain, giving control back to artists and
creators in ways yet to be imagined.

While the headlines you’ve
been seeing around NFTs have been asking the obvious questions, like why
would anyone spend six-figures on a digital playing card or a rotting
banana. Don’t underestimate the potential of this new technology to turn
the media and art worlds upside down. NFT marketplaces will touch
everything from ad agencies, to art galleries, print and digital media,
copy write law and enforcement, news, television, and all the Hollywoods
and recording studios around the world. Any media you interact with on a
daily basis may be influenced by this new technology. It will be
possible to link physical and digital realms like never before.

Rare is there a time in one’s career where such a fundamental shift can be
seen taking place. What will you be able to do with an NFT? What will
NFTs mean for your artwork, your clients and customers? How will we
interact with art and advertising in the era of NFTs? What will be the
unseen positive affects? What will be the unseen negative affects? Ready
or not, the NFT era has begun. What will be your first mint? Here’s mine:

First Light Gradient 001. 

Dawn. First Light. Sunrise. 001. Darkest before the dawn. Now is the New Beginning.
Now is the Present. Now is the Future. The Future is now. Created in
2018. Minted in 2021. 12 x 18 inch print. The buyer will receive the
original print, sized 12” x 18”, and the only digital key.

The digital record of the fleeting beauty and meaning of sunlight kissing
our natural home every morning. This is a new dawn. A new age.

What will you do with it? 

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