COVID-19 and Hazard Park Samiere

Stay safe. Stay active. Looking forward to working with you all again after COVID-19 is contained.

Here’s my original post: 

I worked with Samiere, a multi-talented singer/songwriter and athlete, for another installment of my Hazard Park series. She’s a ball of energy and positivity. It really shows through in the camera and on the audio track. She is repped by SLU Agency. See her other work on Instagram

The Hazard Park series is a study of sport and movement shot with both still and moving pictures.


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Landen Lucas

Landen Lucas, of KU Jayhawk fame, was a great subject to work with. Believe it or not this was his first official shoot. His years of high-caliber playing experience show through in his comfort in front of the camera. We shot this in LA for SLU Agency.

Me and Honda

Last winter, I got the chance to do a shoot with Honda Japan out in the Mojave Desert as part of their Me and Honda campaign. The client request was landscapes with and without the car. But it came with a personal twist: the show car was to be mine and they would film me while shooting. After a lot of back-and-forth with the production company Knock On Wood from Tokyo, we finally settled on a script, a location and a plan for getting it all done in one day. With an early start, we caught sunrise in the desert and got the job wrapped by mid afternoon. It turned out to be a great shoot and was a fun change of pace to be in front of the camera. I hope to do more of it in the future.

See the whole campaign at:

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